Sims Has Excellent Visit to Georgia Tech

Lowndes County, Georgia offensive lineman Dyshon Sims made his trip, as scheduled, to Atlanta Friday to visit Georgia Tech. Did the visit put Tech in the hunt for Sims?

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"We had an excellent time and I came away impressed with every facet of Georgia Tech." The highlight of the trip for Sims was having the chance to sit down and talk with Coach Bryan Cook. "He was very informing and impressive to me."

Sims and Coach Cook talked about the many features that Tech would be adding to their spread option offense this season. "He told me an offensive lineman of my talent would be an excellent fit in the schemes they will run."

The academic side of things was another part of the visit that stood out to Sims. "I love science and Coach Cook showed me how prestigious a science degree is at Georgia Tech. When you graduate from Tech with a degree you can pretty much be set for life. A job is a lot easier to get with a Tech degree."

Dyshon didn't have a chance to meet all the coaches but was impressed with the ones he met. Sims also loved the parts of the school he was able to see. "In a couple of weeks Tre Jackson and I are coming back for another visit so I can see everything else, meet the rest of the staff, and get to know some of the players better."

Sims had the same reaction that many recruits have when they see the Tech campus for the first time. "I really loved the campus setting. It was much different than expected."

The combination of the team's APR rating and how the school's science program are viewed in the business world left a big impression on Dyshon. "It was a tremendous time there."

Sims went into the trip thinking that he didn't have an offer but found out that he had one all along. "I was told that Coach (Andy) McCollum had extended an offer to me but I had no clue that I had one." Coach Cook made it very clear to Sims that he did have an offer and that they would keep one for him.

The visit put Tech on the list of schools that he is considering. "I am looking forward to getting back up there with Tre for another visit." Sims next visit will be to Georgia this weekend followed by a visit to Alabama Sunday.

Dyshon doesn't have any plans to make a decision this weekend. He wants to take these unofficial visits to get to know the schools and then later take some official visits. "I don't want to make a decision and then see a school that fits me better and have to change my mind. If a school really wants me they will wait for me and allow me to make an informed and correct decision on where I want to go to school and play football." Top Stories