Williams Waiting to Cut His List

ELCA, Georgia defensive end Andrew Williams was thought to have his list down to six schools but Andrew let us know that this is not the the case. There are additional schools still in the mix for Williams.

Profile - Andrew Williams

Andrew told us that he is not ready to name a list of top schools at this time. "I want to wait until closer to the end of summer and name them at that time."

One of the schools mentioned in connection with Williams is Georgia Tech. His brother is a current member of the Tech team. Is Williams seriously considering Tech? "I will be honest. I am looking at them but I really want to see how they respond on defense to Coach (Ted) Roof. If they show a lot of improvement and respond well to him, then absolutely Georgia Tech will be a school that will be considered."

When we talked to Andrew, he was on his way to Mississippi to camp with some of his teammates. "They will be participating in it but I will be there watching and supporting them while they participate." Williams and his teammates might stop by Auburn on their way home but that has not been decided yet.

At one time, Williams had plans to make his decision at the end of the year. Andrew now does not have a set date to make his decision. "Actually I will be making my decision when I feel the time is right to make it. It could be early in my season or at the end. It will be when I feel it is the right time to make it."

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