McKenzie Down to Five

Washington, Pennsylvania running back Shai McKenzie recently went through the process of reducing his list of over twenty offer down to five. McKenzie has set a target date to announce his college choice from that list.

Profile - Shai McKenzie

Now that he has reduced his list to five, the process is slowing down for Shai. "I just visited Virginia Tech and will visit Pittsburgh on Tuesday. Shai hopes to visit the other schools on his list but hasn't set up dates at this time. Arkansas, Georgia Tech, and Florida State are the other three schools he plans to visit.

Each school on Shai's list has its own appeal:

Arkansas – "They are the school that has been in contact with me the most. I have built a good relationship with the coaches there and like what they are doing for the future."

Georgia Tech – "I like the offense they run. They are recruiting me as a B-Back and I can get some great stats from that position. By the time I am a freshman, they will need running backs and I can get early playing time. I have also built a good relationship with the coaches there."

Virginia Tech – "I just visited them. They are a good program that will need running backs. I like the coaches there. I could possibly get early playing time."

Pittsburgh – "They are the hometown team and I plan on visiting them on Tuesday. They have a need for running backs and will give me an opportunity for early playing time as well."

Florida State – "I visited them over the summer. I enjoyed my time down there and I like the coaches there."

Getting early playing time will be an important factor in Shai's college decision. "I want to go to a school that has a real need for running backs." Comfort level will also play a role in his decision. "Distance from home will not play any part in my recruitment at all."

McKenzie will not be shying away from competition in making his college choice. "I know Florida State has received commitments from two highly regarded running backs and they are only taking a few, so that will play a part in my decision. I am not afraid of competition but I want to be able to get out on the field and help my team win."

A date has been set for Shai to make his college choice. "I will make my announcement at the All-American Game after our senior football season." Top Stories