As often as we can at DA STING, we will try to bring you updates on how practice and the team are progressing. Here is the first of what we hope will be many to come. Sunday the Yellow Jackets got after it pretty good in a scrimmage. Afterwards BIG BEE took a few moments out to share with us his thoughts on how he felt things went.


Question: Was it a good practice today?

BIG BEE: "Yeah, we just wanted to get out and get some of the kinks worked out and also get some installation done. We wanted the guys to run around and work up a sweat so we could come back Monday with double sessions ready to go to work".

Question: Where do you feel you are at this stage?

BIG BEE: "We need to continue to get better fundamentally and work on our execution and detail. I think we have everything we want to have in right now, we just need to pay attention to our exactness".

Question: Was that what you spoke to them about the most today?

BIG BEE:"Yes exactness was my speech today, I told them to get in the habit of doing things exactly right. Not somewhat right, then you have the chance to be successful".

Question: When will you scrimmage again?

BIG BEE:" We will scrimmage again tomorrow night and Tuesday during practice sporadicly to keep the tempo going. Then on Wednesday we will have a game scrimmage in the stadium that will be closed to the public. Top Stories