Yesterday the Yellow Jackets were only able to get on the field one time due to inclimate weather. But all in all practice was very spirited and the players few around with a bounce in their step. The senior leadership is starting to show more and more each practice. Today the Jackets go at it twice to get ready for tomorrow's big scrimmage.

                                                BIG BEE

Question: Coach you spoke last week about some of the Freshmen on the Offensive line. What about some of the Freshmen on the Defensive side of the ball?

BIG BEE: "I think that because we have some really good people back on Defense it's alot tougher for our Freshmen on the defensive line.  But I think some of the kids like Omar Billy on the defensive line and Tony Hargrove at linebacker have done fairly well. We have to continue to work with those guys, I'm pleased with all our freshmen on the defensive side of the ball".

Question: Has the program has progressed over the last five years, did you know that it was just a matter of time before the defense caught up with the offense?

BIG BEE: " I said it earlier that while everyone was pointing fingers we just needed better talent on the defensive side of the ball. Coach Ted Roof has done a great job the last three years because we addressed that need. When you have better players you all of a sudden become a better Coach. When you get guys that can run you can do alot of things. I'm pleased with the effort on both sides of the ball, but we still have along ways to go. They are taking Coaching well which is so important this time of the year because everyone is banged up and sore. Tempers flair and that's part of the game but they are handling criticism well, and that's what you look for at this stage. Top Stories