Autry's Knee Getting Better and Better

Norcross running back Myles Autry is working his way back from a knee injury suffered last season. Myles was busy with school and football activities so we talked with his mom Thalia Autry to update his recruitment.

Profile - Myles Autry

The comeback from his knee injury has been a gradual process. "He is getting better and better each week and feeling like his old self and is ready to be the player he was before the injury. It takes time to get your legs back completely."

Myles is doing a good job of handling his recruitment. "I know he is really focused on his recruitment and he is looking to take some additional unofficial visits before he starts taking his official visits."

The next visit for Autry will be to Georgia Tech for the North Carolina game. "I know Myles is excited as I am at the way the ACC has played this year. It would be great to see an ACC team in the national Championship game against the SEC." Thalia laughingly said that she would love for it to be Georgia Tech.

Both Thalia and Myles have noticed the start to Tech'season. "We both think they look great and love the way they are playing. I know Myles has noticed it."

Thalia's other son Anthony is a current member of the Tech football team and there has been talk about the brothers playing their college ball together. "Myles knows full well I want him at Georgia Tech with Anthony and to be honest the pull for Myles is strong for him to play with his brother at Georgia Tech."

While she would like both sons to play together, Thalia will not force Myles to go to Tech. "It has to be his choice and I will support him 100% no matter where he goes. I just would like it to be Georgia Tech."

When it comes time to take his official visits, Myles has four schools in mind and an he has an idea on who the fifth will be. "I know that Georgia Tech, Oregon, Ohio State, and Florida State will be four of them." The fifth will likely be either Oklahoma State or Texas A&M.

Thalia has plans to go on four of the five official visits. "I'll go on all of them except the one to Oregon. It is too far away in my opinion." Top Stories