Freeman All Pumped Up

Callaway, Georgia outside lineback KeShun Freeman made the to Atlanta, with his family, to watch Georgia Tech play conference and division rival North Carolina. KeShun liked what he saw from the Tech defense.

Profile - KeShun Freeman

"I had a blast and the win made the rain not even a bothersome event. It was great how the defense stepped up after the 1st quarter and really shut down the Tar Heels."

While watching the game, Freeman wanted to suit up and go out on the field. "My younger brother asked me if they would let me play for 15 minutes what I do. I told him I would be out there ballin and making plays. I was so pumped up."

KeShun is aware that he'll have a chance to compete for playing time as a freshman. Tech loses starting linebacker Brandoin Watts following the season. "That is my goal. I am working very hard in the weight room and watching the formation and plays Tech has on defense."

Freeman will do whatever it takes to give him a shot at being on the field as freshman. "If I have to redshirt it will not be from lack of putting in the work. It will be that some upper class players know the system better than I do."

Besides watching the game, KeShun also had a chance to talk to Coach Buzz Preston and Coach Mike Pelton.

The one thing that stood out to Freeman at the game was the fan support. "I really loved the fact that when Tech got behind the fans could have left with it raining so hard but they didn't. They were loud and they rallied the players to player harder and it showed." Freeman noted how loud the stadium was during the game. "The atmosphere was just awesome."

Freeman is hoping to make it back for all the Tech home games. The Virginia Tech game may be a difficult one for Freeman to attend. It's homecoming week at my high school and we are having the parade on Thursday and I am on the home coming court." KeShun might miss some of the game but he hopes to be there. Top Stories