Lammers Chooses Georgia Tech

San Antonio (TX) Alamo Heights center Ben Lammers chose to commit to Georgia Tech tonight over Miami and Marquette. Lammers picked the Yellow Jackets for their coaching staff and their academic reputation.

San Antonio (TX) Alamo Heights center Ben Lammers made the decision tonight to become the second commitment of the 2014 Georgia Tech recruiting class.

However, Lammers actually informed the coaching staff of his choice yesterday.

"I told Coach (Brian) Gregory yesterday," Lammers said. "He was at my practice yesterday and I let him know what my intentions were at that time. He got real excited and started yelling, which was pretty funny. That is the type of reaction you want to see from the coach."

Why was now the correct time for Lammers to make his college choice? He discussed the reasons.

"I just think I had already went on all the visits that I wanted and needed to go on," he told Scout. "I didn't want the staff to have to wait any longer and put them in a tough predicament at all when trying to fill all the spots. I didn't rush my decision by any means but I didn't want to extend my process any longer than it needed to be."

The future Yellow Jacket explained his choice to pick Georgia Tech over Miami and Marquette.

"First off, I like all the Georgia Tech coaches and everything has always really clicked with them," Lammers pointed out. "They know what they are doing and have really pushed the program back in the right direction."

"The biggest reason I picked Georgia Tech was for the Georgia Tech degree, though," he added. "I want to major in engineering and they are one of the top engineering schools in the entire country. Nothing beats a Georgia Tech and nothing beats their engineering school. I really couldn't go wrong." Top Stories