Rogers Looking for Best Fit

Smyrna, Georgia athlete Michael Rogers gave his verbal commit to Central Florida in August but the Campbell High School star continues to draw interest from schools around the southeast.

Profile - Michael Rogers

When asked about how solid his verbal commit to Central Florida was, Rogers said "around 65% to 75%". "I'm looking around and there are a couple of schools I am talking to andthere is one school that I'm talking to more than the others."

The school Rogers is referring to is Georgia Tech. "Coach (Andy) McCollum and I talk a lot." Rogers and Coach McCollum talk when allowed and communicate through the various social media. "I also get more mail from Tech than the other schools."

Rogers is a recruit that Coach McCollum and the Tech staff like a lot. "They like me as a safety and an A-Back." Rogers is aware of the limited scholarship situation at Tech and he knows how much Tech would like him to change his college choice.

"I just have to see if changing over to them would be in my best interests. I know academically you can't beat an education from Georgia Tech." Michael also knows that he gave his commit to Central Florida.

Rogers will be looking to see which school would be a better fit. "I do like Georgia Tech very much and I know I need to make a decision." Coach McCollum let Rogers know that he isn't pressuring him and he isn't asking Rogers for a decision date.

Michael has put his interest in Georgia Tech at 70%. "The more I have visited there, the more it has gone up." The Tech staff is looking to get Rogers back on campus to talk about his future. "I look forward to getting back there and talking with the coaches and getting the chance to learn more about the school." Top Stories