Kinlaw Selected for Shrine Bowl

South Carolina A Back and Georgia Tech commit Caleb Kinlaw has been putting together a strong senior season. As a result, Kinlaw has been selected to play in the North Carolina-South Carolina Shrine Bowl.

"I feel real honored to be playing in the Shrine Bowl and I'm glad that I was selected." Kinlaw has been working hard and he and his Goose Creek teammates are moving towards a state championship season. "I look forward to playing in the Shrine Bowl with my fellow Georgia Tech commit, Jake Whitley."

Caleb also keeps in touch with fellow Georgia Tech commit Michael Preddy. "We are both excited and ready to get to Georgia Tech next June."

Kinlaw stays in touch daily with Tech Coach Lamar Owens. "We are real tight and he is looking forward to me getting there." The two talk about a variety of subjects. "We talk about how my day is going, how school is going, and how my season is going."

Coach Owens has let Caleb know that he will be the A-back they wanted and he will also get some time at B-back. "I look forward to the chance to play both positions."

Since making his commit to GT, there have been some schools that still contact Caleb. "Most schools know I am solid to Georgia Tech and that I will not change my commitment. I've made up my mind that Georgia Tech is where I want to be, need to be, and from what the coaches say, they need me to be there." Kinlaw is 100% solid to Georgia Tech.

Caleb and Preddy are trying to make plans to see a few games before the season is over. "Michael and I will most likely come in together on our official visit. We have become good friends even though we play in different classifications and regions in high school." Top Stories