Premium Stories Scheduled for DA

Da announces the addition of Premium content to its website. For information on how to signup and what will be included in premium stories, go to this story link for details.

This has been coming for some time, and those who have been to other sites on the new Citadel network probably recognize that it's now here.

We are going to Premium Content on Da In other words, there will be certain stories on the site that will only be available to those who have paid the signup fee. Some of the information on the site will remain free, including the daily practice updates has well has some feature stories. It will always be free, although we will also add a Premium message board to release some information and this board will also be off limits for those from other schools ... unless they pay for it.

However, some of the best information will be contained in Premium stories. The feature stories that I have been writing (with digital images) will be Premium stories and only available for those that signup and pay. Game stories has well as Game Highlights Video cut up to music will be Premium content.

There is a reason for all of this; we must see money coming in to support the website. I am in the process of hiring a staff, because I want this site to be a top ten site, that is run with PRIDE much like our athletic programs are run. We will continue to seek sponsorships to offset the cost of providing a quality website.

The cost of the Premium stories is $4.95 per month. It will go up November 1 to $6.95 per month when several features will be added. If you break it down the cost adds up to .34 cents a day. We will add a Premium Message Board at that time, Premium Chats, and an email alert that delivers an instant email when a Premium story is posted.

Also, the $4.95 per month will give you total access to the other college Premium College sites across the network.

There is a way to signup right now on the front page. It is listed in the Member Services area. First login to the network. Even if you are registered on our message board, you must login to the Citadel Network. Then, click on Premium Services in that section of the left-hand navigation bar. Even before you signup for the Premium stories, I'd encourage you to register on the site. This has nothing to do with the EZboard message board. It is a separate registration.

We start publishing some Premium stories today. We will continue to publish practice stories for free. I've been working hard to give you guys as much information as possible over the past few days. The feature stories and other content in the Premium area will be top-notch. We will also bring some recruitng stories to the Premium section.

I'd be happy to answer any questions about the Premium Content on the board.

I have studied this long and hard before making this decision. I know that some will not like it. It was a tough business decision, but it will enable Da to grow and be its best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (with answers) about Premium Content:

Yes, we are going to Premium content at Da You can sign up now. We will begin to post Premium stories starting today.

First, you must login to the system. Go to the member services link on the front page of Da and login. It is not the same as being logged into the message board. You must have an account with our network (and the message board is not a part of the network). You will establish your ID and password with your login to the network.

Then, after you login, you will then register for premium content.

Some of you have done the latter, without registering in the system so you don't have a password and ID. It won't work. Try it again, after logging into the system.

Right now, the only way to sign up for premium content is with a credit card from a US address. If you are trying from Canada, the system won't take it.

If you don't have a credit card, you will have to wait a bit. We are establishing a system in which you can send a check. Be patient, the system will be changed so that the checks can be taken. I've demanded it, so we'll see what happens.

Also, I forgot to include that the staff and I will do a better job of giving practice updates, features, and recruiting stories during hoops season. I pledge to upgrade our basketball coverage on Da

I'll keep answering your questions, but those seem to be the answers to the major questions at this point.

Johne' Battle, Publisher
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