Smith Not Ready to Rule Other Schools Out

Jacksonville, Florida Trinity Christian Academy junior middle linebacker Andre Smith recently gave his verbal commit to North Carolina. This hasn't stopped other schools from recruiting Smith.

Andre Smith

"I made the commitment a few weeks ago and made a trip up there to see them play Boston College." Smith enjoyed his visit to Chapel Hill. The visit made him feel like he made a good decision.

Georgia Tech is the most recent school to recruit Andre despite his recent commit to North Carolina. "I received an offer from them this past Sunday."

Smith received the offer from his recruiting Coach Lamar Owens. "He told me they really like me a lot and see me as a big part of their defense as a middle linebacker. They really believe in my abilities as a player and feel I would make a great addition to the team." Tech made the decision to offer Andre after watching his film.

The offer may have come sooner had Andre not lost Coach Owens phone number. "We met one time and he gave me his number but I lost it." This didn't stop Coach Owens from recruiting Smith.

Coach Owens has also been talking to his teammate Ben Edwards. "Ben and Coach Owens talked on Wednesday and he mentioned that that he hadn't heard from me and wanted to know if I was still interested in Georgia Tech." Andre got the number from Edwards, called Coach Owens, and got the offer over the phone.

Andre was also invited by Coach Owens to attend the Tech game with Georgia. "With it being around the holidays, it might be hard to do unless we are already in Georgia visiting family."

Smith still plans to visit Tech if he can't make it up for the Georgia game. "I will most likely come up for a basketball game. Solomon Poole and I are good friends and I can come see him play and visit the school."

There is interest from Smith in Georgia Tech. "It is a great academic school that wins ball games and they have good coaches." Smith feels that a visit to Tech could increase his interest in the school. "Never rule out a school until you have seen what they are like."

Andre knows that he will start paying more attention to Tech and watching them on television. "I will also read more about the school and everything." Top Stories