Whitley Hoping to Avoid Surgery

Georgia Tech offensive lineman commit Jake Whiltley suffered a knee injury that ended his senior season. Monday, the North Augusta, South Carolina recruit made the trip to Atlanta to have his knee examined and to see if surgery would be required.

Profile - Jake Whitley

The doctors let Jake know that he was doing well with his rehab but he would need another six weeks before they would know whether or not surgery would be required. "I am really hoping that I don't. It would probably take a full year to recover and be ready for complete football action and contact."

Jake feels that won't be necessary but wants to be sure. "The doctors said that even though I am making progress, it is in that grey area of not having to have the surgery and having to have it, thus six more weeks of physical therapy and rehabbing." Jake will return to Atlanta January 6th from the doctors. While he was in Atlanta, Jake stopped by Georgia Tech and spent time with Coach Mike Sewak. "We talked about me coming to Georgia Tech. He said that they are behind me 100% and will be supporting me the whole way."

Coach Sewak told Jake that he said he was hoping to hear that he didn't have to have the surgery. "He was looking forward to me coming in next year and battling for playing time." Jake could tell that Coach Sewak wanted him to be ready for the fall. "That made me feel real good that he and Georgia Tech have that much faith in me to come in and compete as a freshman."

If surgery is required, Jake will be redshirted in order to rehab his injury. " No matter what I will be at Georgia Tech. I am happy with my commitment and will be there doing what I can to help the team no matter what situation I am in when I get there."

Jake let us know that most schools know that he was a solid commit to Tech. Some schools have let Jake know that they will accept his commit if he changes his mind. . "I am still very excited about becoming a Yellow Jacket."

On his visit to campus, Jake got phone numbers for the other commits and will be contacting them. . "I talk to a couple of them on Facebook and Twitter so I am getting close to some of my future teammates at Georgia Tech."

December 6th will be the date for Jake's official visit. He will also be visiting for the Alabama A&M game as well as the Georgia game.

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