Wednesday's scrimmage was considered to be a major measuring stick for Syracuse. With only a few practices left before the big Kickoff Classic, this was the Coaching Staff's last opportunity to see who may be able to play early. The mindset of practice will change because the staff will begin to put in the gameplan for Syracuse. Which means that certain players are headed for the good ole' scout team.

                                           BIG BEE

Question: Coach O'Leary tell us how you felt things went with the scrimmage.

BIG BEE: "I thought things went good because we got to play four teams on Offense and Defense and I've never had that experience before. We ran about a hundred and thirty plays and I thought there were some good things."   

    "But we still need to work on our continuity, we had the one's against two's and we did some good things. I was very impressed with the way George Godsey looked and Sidney Ford continued to impress me, and odviously the receivers can get some things done but we need to sustain the run game."

   " Defensively we just started to get into some two man stuff so we've got some work to do their. Overall the kicking game was fine and the one good thing is we came out of this with no injuries. Everything was not always pretty but we kept things simple on offense. We played over a hundred players so we will look at the film tonight and make some decisions on our two deep roster. We will start running the scout team tomorrow.

Question: What was George Godsey' s status tonight could he be hit or not?

BIG BEE: "If he ran he got hit, there was no quick whistle for him. As a matter of fact I tackled him myself before practice to get him use to it. He can't wait till game time before he finally gets tackled. He didn't get hit the way some of the other Quarterbacks got hit but he was tackled. We kept it simple but he looked great."

     "And overall for this time of the year we looked really good. When you play this many people alot of them are going to be on the scout team. But I wanted to give everyone of them a chance to see what they could do."

Question: You mentioned Sidney Ford, how did some of the receivers do?

BIG BEE: "I thought Jonathan Smith played extremly well, Kelly had his moments but Jonathan impressed me the most with some good catches. Levon Thomas also made some really good catches, and Andy Hall threw the ball well today."

Question: Was defense doing alot of stunting?

BIG BEE: "No not really we kept it basic and just got after it."



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