Fuller Adds Offer

Griffin, Georgia receiver Keyston Fuller visited Georgia Tech earlier in the season and was scheduled to return for the Georgia game. An injury in the state playoffs changed his plans and he didn't make the trip to Atlanta. Fuller and his teammates will play in the state finals this weekend.

Profile - Keyston Fuller

"I hurt my shoulder and we thought it would be best to rest up and take it easy and have me as ready as I can be for our next game. I wanted to be at full strength or as close to it as possible when we played." Fuller contacted Georgia Tech Coach Buzz Preston to let him know he couldn't make the game.

Since we've last talked to Fuller has been in touch with the coaches at Georgia Tech and they let him know that he has an offer. "Coach Preston came by and made sure I knew I had the offer and it felt great knowing that to be honest." The offer makes Tech one of Fuller's favorites. Keyston also hopes to play baseball in college. "I know Coach (Danny) Hall real well and love the baseball program at Georgia Tech." North Carolina is another school that is looking at Fuller for both sports. "Those two schools are up there for me."

As a receiver, Fuller is taking a look at the offenses of the schools recruiting him. Keyston was happy to see Tech passing the ball when Georgia tried to take away the run. "I know they have the ability to be a good passing team." Keyston has also taken a close look at Carolina's passing game.

Once the season is over for Keyston, he will be looking to take some visits. Fuller wasn't sure if he'd be visiting any bowl practices. "I guess I will have to call coaches like Coach Preston to see if I am allowed to come." Keyston knows he won't be able to stay away from football once he plays his last game.

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