Too Early for Favorites for Mahmoud

Since moving to Orlando, Florida from Egypt to play for West Oaks Academy, seven foot post player Anas Mahmoud has been under the guidance of Coach Shaun Wiseman. We talked to Coach Wiseman about Mahmoud's visit to Louisville and two other planned visits.

Profile - Anas Mahmoud

"We just got back from an official to Louisville and we are looking to make two more officials." The two planned official visits will be to Auburn and Georgia Tech. The dates for the visits will be set up in the next few days. "We've been in contact with Coach (Brian) Gregory at Georgia Tech and Coach (Tony) Barbee at Auburn to finalize the dates." They may also take an unoffical visit to Central Florida.

Anas is not ready to name any favorites. "He wants to keep everything open so he can make the best evaluation." Anas is looking to go into each visit with an open mind. They will be taking the visits to get the best information on each team and make the best decision.

Anas has not mentioned any factors that will go into his decision making. "He has only been here since September and he is getting used to the way things are here. A lot of this is new to him and he wants to keep an open mind."

Even though he is 7'1", Coach Wiseman feels that Anas will play the four position. "On our team he is the best passer and has the skill set of a guard." Coach Wiseman likes Mahmoud's willingness to learn and make the right plays.

Coach Wiseman feels Anas needs to get stronger in order to match his skill set. "He has good athletic ability but he needs to learn to play longer and play hard at all times." Wiseman feels that playing everyday against top competition will lead to that. "He needs to do it with players his age and ones that will push him hard to be better."

Anas and Coach Wiseman have not set up a commit date. "I know he will look at each team he is considering and go from there. He will use all the info he gets from me and the ones that matter to him to make the right choice for him." Wiseman feels that Anas will be a fine player in college once everything is said and done. Top Stories