Brown Impressed By Tech - Plans to Return

Winton Wood High School (OH) offensive lineman George Brown holds over 35 offers. One of those offers is from Georgia Tech. Following a trip to Auburn on Friday, Brown and some teammates made the trip to Atlanta to visit Georgia Tech the next day.

Profile - George Brown

Brown and his teammates were greeted on their arrival by the Tech recruiting staff. They received a tour of the campus and the football facilities. "It was very good presentation. I really enjoyed the experience. We had a great time there and it was what I expected it to be but on a bigger scale."

Following the tour of the academic and football facilities, Brown attended the Georgia Tech-Virginia Tech basketball game and had a chance to talk to some of the current football players. Brown spent time with current players Donovan Wilson and Dennis Andrews. "I liked talking with Donovan because he is from Ohio and knows what I would be looking for if I came to Georgia Tech."

Wilson let Brown know that coming to Georgia Tech was a good decision for him. "He said that Tech is strong academically and he said it is a life changing experience that he would make again." Those words made a big impression on Brown. The facilities also left a big impression on Brown. "The facilities are top notch and that they are not letting the school fall behind with their facilities. They are updating the older ones and making them better. It shows that Georgia Tech isn't standing still but keeping up or staying ahead with the times."

Brown also received some insight into the academic side of things. "The coaches really care about the players and look out for them with academics and help with internships." Brown was also shown the value of a Tech degree. "It is a great feeling to know that if the NFL isn't in your future that your degree from Georgia Tech will take care of you."

The Tech staff is recruiting the 6'6" Brown to play offensive tackle. "I have the frame to put on more weight and that is what the coaches at Tech are looking for."

Look for Brown to make a return visit to Tech. "I most definitely am returning. I enjoyed it that much. I'd rate my trip a solid 9 if not higher." Top Stories