Tech Visit a Learning Experience for Garnett

Augusta Aquinas High School (GA)running back Ruben Garnett was one of many visitors to Georgia Tech this past Saturday. Tech is looking at the junior running back as an A-Back in Coach Paul Johnson's spread option offense.

Profile - Ruben Garnett

The trip to Tech was a learning experience for Garnett. "I learned a lot about the school, campus life, and the football program." Ruben talked with the coaches and got to know them better. "All of them are pretty cool guys. They have the burning desire to win."

Garnett talked to all the coaches but spent most of his time with Coach Johnson, Coach Mike Sewak, and Coach Bryan Cook. "All of them said that they loved the way I play and conduct myself on and off the field."

The coaches let Garnett know that the want to watch him at his spring practices or in game action before they offer. "They feel that once they see me that an offer is just a formality." Tech is recruiting Ruben as an A-Back and they want to see him block and catch the ball out of the backfield.

The coaches have invited Ruben to come back for either one of their spring practices or their spring game. "I feel for sure that I will make the spring game since it will be on a Friday night."

Garnett was impressed with what he saw of the campus. "I had some thoughts that it wouldn't look like it did since it was in downtown Atlanta. Once I set foot on the campus, all that went away." Ruben felt he could see himself going to school there.

An offer from Tech would put them high on Ruben's list. "I do like them a lot." Ruben currently has offers from Duke, Marshall, Cincinnati, Appalachian State, and UAB. "North Carolina and South Carolina are recruiting me and I will be visiting them this spring."

Ruben doesn't plan to make a decision until after his senior season. "I will look at which school I think is recruiting me the hardest and which school is the best place for me." Ruben will also look at how well the program is playing. Top Stories