Commitment Coming for Hunt?

Washington County High School, (GA) most recently sent linebacker Brandon Watts to Georgia Tech. Junior outside linebaker/defensive end Logan Hunt is another Washington County player getting strong interest from Tech.

Profile - Logan Hunt

Hunt recently visited Tech and described the visit as having gone extremely well. "I love the school and the players up there and the coaches are great."

Logan talked with Coach Mike Sewak and Coach Paul Johnson on the visit. "They both said that they love the way I play and they feel I can come in be a player at outside linebacker." The coaches were impressed with Logan's film. "They love my passion for the sport."

The coaches let Logan know that they would be losing some linebackers and ends and they are looking for players that can play either position. "I just know that I will play wherever they want me to play."

Logan and the coaches also talked about the value of a Tech degree. "They help you with contacts in the business world by holding seminars at the school. That is a huge plus in both mine and my mom's eyes."

Could a commit be around the corner for Logan? Logan wants his mom to visit Tech to meet the coaches and see the campus. "She really wants to met Coach (Ted) Roof. If everything goes well, I could possibly commit to Georgia Tech real soon."

Another scenario would have Logan's teammate and best friend A.J. Gray also going to Tech. "We both like Georgia Tech and he might be going up there on Tuesday with his dad." Logan doesn't know if Gray will commit on the visit. "He might and that could play a role in my decision."

We also had a chance to speak to Logan's mom. She is looking forward to visiting Tech. "I want to see the campus since I haven't seen it in a while and I want to talk to Coach Roof. A mom worries about her son no matter how old they are and I've been told Coach Roof is very good man."

Logan's mom is also looking forward to meeting with Coach Johnson and getting a feel of how it will be at Georgia Tech. "I also will talk to Brandon Watts as I know him from coming through the schools down here."

"I feel Georgia Tech would be a good place for my son. My father loved Georgia Tech very much. He respected how they pushed you on the field and in the classroom and I want to see it first hand."

The visit to Tech should be next week. "We have been shorthanded at the Washington County schools this week. Thinking about it I would love to see Logan and AJ Gray both up there playing football." Top Stories