The final countdown for the beginning of Georgia Tech's season is underway. Here is an update from BIG BEE on the progress of the team, and what he's placing an emphasis on this week. Follow the DA STING all week long as we get you up to speed on the Yellow Jackets.

                                            DA STING

Question: Coach O'leary one of things that brought you great success last year was your turnover ratio for your defense. What have you done to improve on that for this season?

BIG BEE: "Well we spend alot of time in practice on it , forceing them and stripping them. Again if you don't practice them your not going to get better at it. So we practice alot of it and we've had some success, but that was last year and we've got to do a better job at it this year."

Question: Do you set any seasonal goals for that?

BIG BEE: "Not really, we basically work on tackling and securing the tackle and make sure they're fine there. But the thing we have to improve on is the interception ratio, I don't think we're very good there, we got our hands on alot of balls but didn't come down with them." Top Stories