Darrell Burston has earned the name "SILENT ASSASSIN". The 6'2, 213lb. linebacker is one of the most heralded recruits from the Peach State. When you camp at Florida State, Georgia Tech, and Duke University, and each camps coach comes away with the same 4.45 in the 40, you can choose your own name. Although most college coaches refer to Burston as "THE FREAK" ala Jevon Kearse of the Tennessee Titans. Da Sting sat down with Burston to talk about where he's really leaning towards playing on.....


Saturdays next year. Last year as a Junior Darrell Burston played tight end and outside linebacker for Starr's Mill High School. He totaled 69 tackles, 2 fumble recoveries, 6 forced fumbles, 7 sacks, and 1 touchdown. Burston is a special player for his size, he had the highest Vertical in the Nation at the Nike All American camp with a jump of 41.6 inches. But Burston didn't stop there, he broke the record at the Georgia High School Combine with a jump of 44.6 inches. Now add that with a 4.38 shuttle, 4.45 forthy, 455 squat, 310 bench press, 275 power clean, and you'll see why he's called the "FREAK". Da Sting sat down for a Q and A session and came away very impressed.

Da Sting: What was your summer like with all the things you had going on?

Darrell Burston: "My summer was great but hectic, I had to really plan my schedule well. It was hard going to different camps and making all my school workouts as well.

Da Sting: What did you learn the most at the camps?

Darrell Burston: " I learned alot at all of them, it was great working with Coach Sherrod at Duke. He's young and very energetic and great to work with, Coach Roof at Georgia Tech was awesome as well and I learned alot about the Tech tradition and how they do things there, then Florida State's Coach Haggins, he did a great job with me and it's easy to see why they are in the top five every year."

Da Sting: So tell us who your top five are right now.

Darrell Burston: " My top five are in this order Florida State, Georgia Tech, Duke University, Stanford, and Michigan.

Da Sting: Who has offered you as of now?

Darrell Burston: "Florida State, Duke, Indiana, Middle Tennessee State, Stanford, Auburn, and Michigan."

Da Sting: What are looking for in a program?

Darrell Burston: I want to go somewhere that is going to challenge me academically first, I mean the degree from the school and the networking of being a alumnus has to be right for me. Then I want the Coaching staff to have a foundation at the school so I know their going to be my four years. And I want to talk to players and find out all I can about how they balance athletics and academics."

Da Sting: Do you know what you want to major in once you get to college?

Darrell Burston: "Yes, I want to major in Electrical Engineering with some type of minor in Computers. My father is a Computer Engineer, so I already have a pretty good idea of what that major is all about."

Da Sting: What are your goals on the field for your Senior year?

Darrell Burston: " When we went to camp this year I thought long and hard about how I can play a roll in taking us further this year. My teammates elected me as one of the Captains and that's an honor that I don't take lightly. So one of my goals this year is to be relentless on the field, to play every single snap at 110%. My other goal is to make sure that we have the same chemistry as Seniors this year that I saw in our Seniors last year. Personally I want to lead us to the State Championship."

Da Sting: Are planning on committing early are taking all your visits first?

Darrell Burston: "As of right now I'll probably commit early, maybe within the next week or two. I am not one of these guys that wants to drag my decision out for publicity. I don't want recruiting to get in the way of our team goals and I saw how committing early last year helped Rueben Houston to focus and just have a great Senior year."

Da Sting:How are you doing in school as far as academics?

Darrell Burston: I'm doing great, I have a 3.56 GPA and I scored  a 970 on the SAT my first time taking it. I've already passed the Georgia High School Graduation test so I'm fully qualified and ready to go. But I'm not happy with my SAT score so I'm going to take the test again because I know I can do much better than my last score.

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