Marcus McNeil is a great 6-8,315 lb. offensive lineman from Cedar Grove high school in Decatur, Georgia. He has over thirty offers for his services next year.Marcus shared with Da Sting what he felt was important in his decision making process, and why he thinks outside the box as an athlete. He has been a lifelong Yellow Jacket fan and Georgia Tech was the only camp he visited. Check out Marcus in our Question and Answer session.


Question:What was your summer like?

McNeil: "My summer was very nice, although I didn't get to go to many camps. I did go to the Georgia Tech camp and I met all the Coaches and checked out the atmosphere."

Question: Did you go to any other camps this summer?

McNeil:" No Sir, we had workouts at our school everyday and I felt it was important for me to be there as a  leader."

Question: What area did you strive to improve on the most over the summer?

McNeil: "This summer we really ran alot so that helped my endurance and we did alot of ropes which helped my quickness. I was finally able to get back in the weight room and get my strength back, so that helped me with my speed. Last year I was injured during the season and I felt that it held me back alot."

Question: Who are your top five schools right now Marcus?

McNeil: "I don't really have a top five, I just have my five favorite schools that I've had since I was a little kid. They are Georgia Tech, Florida State, North Carolina, Miami, and Florida."

Question: What schools have offered you as of now?

McNeil: "Well all the schools that I have talked to in the ACC, BIG TEN, and the SEC have offered me. But Georgia Tech is the only one to put it in writing."

Question: What is it that you are looking for in a program?

McNeil: "Comfortness, when I go to a program I want to be as comfortable as possible. I want to fill like I really fit in with everyone so I can hit the ground running."

Question: Do you know what you want to major in once you get to college?

McNeil: " I want to major in Engineering, either Computer, Electrical, or Aerospace."

Question: What are your goals on the field for your Senior year?

McNeil: "To get my team as close as we can to the state, I know it's harder to beat all 80 of us than to beat 1 of us. I want to make sure I'm not just doing my thing, I want to do the team thing."

Question: Will you commit early, or take all your visits?

McNeil: I'm definitely taking all my visits.

Question: What would you say your strength's are?

McNeil: "My quickness for sure, people don't expect me to me so quick for my size. But I shock them when they see me coming at them."

Question: How are you doing academically?

McNeil: " My grades are fine I have a 3.28 GPA and I scored a 980 on the SAT, so I'm fine there. I stay on top of my books." Top Stories