Cooper Just Wants to Play

Buford High School (GA) athlete Evyn Cooper is being recruited on both sides of the ball. Cooper has visits planned to two of those schools and will begin planning additional visits.

Profile - Evyn Cooper

Cooper is happy with the progress of his recruitment. He'll be visiting Georgia Tech on June 5th for a recruit day and he'll return on the 7th for their summer camp. Evyn and his family will also be visiting Purdue on the 13th.

Georgia Tech is appealing to Cooper because they are a running team."They want me as an A-back in their offense and that is fine with me. I feel with my height and weight (6' 1"-185) I can fit into that position.

Evyn also knows he'll be able to get a good education at Tech and make connections with local companies and personalities for his planned major. "I want to major in Communications and Turner and CNN are right there." Having the Tech campus close to home is also a plus for Evyn.

Purdue is looking at Cooper as a defensive back. "I like their defensive schemes." Purdue likes Evyn as a defensive back because of his coverage and tackling skills. The academics at Purdue is one of the things that Cooper likes about the school.

When it comes to which side of the ball he plays, Cooper doesn't have a preference. Cooper wants to play wherever the coaches want him and wherever he can get on the field the quickest.

There are several schools that Evyn feels are recruiting him the hardest. "Purdue, Syracuse, Arkansas, Georgia Tech, Cincinnati, and Temple seem to send me the most mail or talk to me more than the others." Evyn is wide open at this time.

Look for Cooper to make a decision later in the fall. "I will be able to have all the information I need to make a decision and be 100% sure of that decision." Top Stories