Lands-Davis Expects a Decision Next Month

Alexander running back Mikell Lands-Davis made a return trip to Georgia Tech Sunday. This trip wasn't for football. Lands-Davis and his teammates were in Atlanta for the Coach Brian Gregory basketball camp.

Profile - Mikell Lands-Davis

Mikell played point guard for his Alexander team at the camp. "I got a chance to talk with Coach Gregory after the game. It was a pretty good talk."

A decision in Mikell's football recruitment could be coming soon. "I'm getting to the point where I am ready to make a decision." Lands-Davis hopes to make that decision by the middle of July.

Being able to make that decision will be a relief for Mikell. "It has become something of a hassle or should I say bothersome." Coaches have been lighting up Mikell's phone. "I'm ready to get my recruitment over."

Five schools will be considered when Lands-Davis makes his decision. "Clemson, Georgia Tech, North Carolina, North Carolina State, and Miami are my final five."

Mikell let us know what he likes about each of the five schools:

Clemson – "They were my first offer and that is special. I get along with the running back Coach Elliot. I am comfortable with their coaches. The team is always winning and bringing in good talent."

Georgia Tech – "It is close to home and that is a big plus. They can use me the most and I can get early playing time. I have the best relationship with the coaches at Georgia Tech. They can also give me the best education. They have a good program."

North Carolina State - They need a running back badly. Their campus is beautiful."

North Carolina – "Basically it is the same as North Carolina State. There really isn't much difference in the two schools."

Miami – "Despite already having two running backs, they plan on taking one more. I like the appeal of living down in Miami. It is a cool place to say you live and I like that aspect."

The chance of Land-Davis making his decision before mid-July is also a possibility. If Mikell gets the feeling that he knows what school he wants to choose, he'll commit earlier. "I kind of already have a pretty good idea. I just want to make 100% sure that when I do make my decision that I'm through with my recruitment." Top Stories