Brad and Scott Morgan are #15 and #16!

Brad and Scott Morgan gave their commitment to Georgia Tech and Coach Paul Johnson today.

Profile - Brad Morgan

Profile - Scott Morgan

Usually, package deals don't occur in college football (despite the constant references to them). But, in this case, it was a package deal and Georgia Tech came away with a pair of linemen. Both Brad and Scott Morgan were offered yesterday and after a day of thinking it over, decided that they would both become Yellow Jackets.

Both players hail from Etowah High School in Woodstock, GA. Brad is a 6-4, 265 lb offensive lineman while Scott is a slightly larger 6-5, 275 lb defensive linemen. Scott is expected to start at defensive line but is also a candidate to move to offensive line.

Both players attended camp at Georgia Tech back in June. Brad was able to impress the Georgia Tech coaches while Scott had to skip the drills due to injury. Top Stories