Ratliffe Looking to Enroll Early

Since his commitment to Georgia Tech in June, Scotland County, North Carolina quarterback Jaylend Ratliffe has not waivered from his commitment. Last week Ratliffe returned to campus to get re-acquainted with players and coaches.

Profile - Jaylend Ratliffe

Jaylend was excited to be back at Tech. "Every time I go there it gets better and better.” Jaylen left wishing he could get his college career started right away. That may happen sooner than later. “All I have to do is take one science class this fall to enable me to enroll at Tech in January.”

Ratliffe met with Coach Bryan Cook and his early enrollment was one of the things they discussed. They also talked about Coach Cook’s plans for Jaylend as a freshman. Jaylend will be working hard to achieve early playing time. "I will have a spring practice under my belt before my first real pre-season practice starts later that August. I am anxious for it to happen."

The social media is home for most recruits but not for Jaylend. That makes it hard for other writers, coaches, and recruits committed to other schools to get a hold of Jaylend to recruit him. “The only coach I call is Coach Cook and he will be the only one I call unless it’s another Georgia Tech coach."

On his visit, Ratliffe got to spend some time with Tech players Donovan Wilson and Ricky Jeune. "We talked about the bond between the quarterback and the receiver as well as being good friends.” Jaylend also had a friendship with former Tech player Robbie Godhigh. “He's such a great person. I am kind of sad that he will be gone when I get there.”

Jaylend plans to return during the season for a few of the Tech games. "I know I will be going to the Clemson and Miami games and there’s a good possibility I can also make the game with Duke.”

Ratliffe is looking forward to watching is future teammates play. “I can't wait to also suit up and make my mark at Georgia Tech."

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