Nick Rodgers was voted Preseason all conference by Athlon Sports, Lindy's and the Sporting News. The Senior Defensive End from East Point, Georgia was fourth in the ACC with nine sacks last fall. And earned second team all-ACC honors in 2000. He also led the ACC in fumbles caused with six. His combination of speed (4.37 in the forty) and size (6'2, 255 lbs.) is unreal in his pursuit of the opponents Quarterback. Last year Rodgers and DE Greg Gathers combined for 22 sacks, and now they're......

                                          NICK RODGERS

poised for an encore. Rogers career totals of 99 tackles, 19 tackles for loss and 10.5 sacks shows why he's one half of one of the best DE tandems in the nation.

Below are some of  Nick's answers from the Press Conference earlier this week.

Question: What does Syracuse do best?

Nick Rodgers: " They do a lot of movement and motion and as far as running, they run a lot of counters and position block a lot. Their tackles and guards are very athletic and they're running back is very good."

Question: Talk about the fact that everyone knows Tech's defense is really good this year verses last year.

Nick Rodgers: " Well just two years ago we didn't do that well on defense, but Joe Hamilton and our offense played great. So we had to answer a lot of questions which I think we did with our play on the field last year."

Question: What was the biggest difference maker in the defensive play?

Nick Rodgers: "I think having Coach Roof here for the last three years. He is a steady Defensive Coordinater with a steady philosophy. When you have success you gain confidence and when you gain confidence you expect more out of yourself and your teammates."

Question: Do you feel it's more pressure on you this year from a defensive standpoint early because the offense has some injuries?

Nick Rodgers: " I guess you could look at it like that, but we don't see it as  added pressure. We just look at it as we have to go out there and stop teams from doing what they do on offense. The offense has been pulling the weight in the past and I can't say it's our turn but we're ready if we have to."

Question: Is there any concern that some of the guys may be looking past Syracuse with all the Florida State talk?

Nick Rodgers: "Yes we know there as been a lot of talk about Florida State and how good they will be since they have lost some players to injuries. But we know we have to stay focused on Syracuse because if we don't win this game Florida State means nothing." Top Stories