Nicholas Turner is a 6-0ft,180lb.,tailback with 4.41 speed in the forty. He's from Booker T Washington High School in Atlanta, but college recruiters know him across the nation. Every college from USC to Florida State has beat a path to this young man's door. If you ever get a chance to treat yourself, go watch this young man play and you'll understand what the fuss is all about. Tech fans hear me LOUD and CLEAR, Nicholas Turner is a special player that we have to win the war in recruiting on.


Question: Tell us how your summer was and what you did.

Nicholas Turner: "My summer was great, I lifted weights and did a lot of running with my team. I also went to Auburn's camp for the experience of it."

Question: Any special reason why you choose Auburn?

Nicholas Turner: " No Sir, Auburn was just the only camp that I could fit into my team schedule."

Question: What are your top five schools right now?

Nicholas Turner: " My top five schools are Georgia Tech, Georgia, Florida State, Florida, and Miami.

Question: With so many schools having offered you already. What are you  looking at to help you make your decision?

Nicholas Turner: " Well I really look at the things that I know can help me take their program serious. For example, I know I can be a threatt at Georgia Tech because they don't have a tailback like me that can make people miss and run away from them. They have a lot of power backs that are very good, but I can shake people up or run through them."

Question: What else are you looking for in a program?

Nicholas Turner: " I'm looking at the academics for athletes and how many of them actually receive they're degree. Of course I want playing time like any other good player, but I also want the total college experience."

Question: So once you get into college, what do you want to major in?

Nicholas Turner: " Either Mechanical Engineering or some type of Business major."

Question: You have been a major part of the turn around process at Booker T Washington, having started since the ninth grade. Every year you've lead them to the playoffs and rushed for over a thousand yards. What are your goals coming into your Senior year?

Nicholas Turner: " I really want to lead us to the State Championship, every year we've gone to playoffs but we have never made it past the second round. This year I want us to get over that hump."

Question: What kind of effort out of you will it take for you guys to get there?

Nicholas Turner: " I feel that if I run for 2,300 yards and 31 touchdowns we'll reach that goal. But I also have to lead by example off the field as well."

Question: What do you feel is the strength of your game?

Nicholas Turner: " Well being a back I don't think you can have a strength, I feel I'm good at everything across the board from catching the ball, to toughness between the tackles, and great open field quickness. To play early in college I probably need to work on my blocking."

Question: Tell us a little about your special relationship you had with your deceased Grandfather.

Nicholas Turner: " Well I owe all my work ethic to him, he taught me what being a man and provider for your family is all about. I watch'ed him work hard all his life and never complain. He would go out and never get into any trouble just provide and always do the right thing. I took care of him in his later years until he passed away. He's the reason I keep my eyes on the prize." Top Stories