Get To Know Alterique Gilbert

Alterique Gilbert is one of the nation's top point guards for the 2016 recruiting class. Coach Sharman White will depend on Gilbert to help him and his teammates repeat as champs once again at Miller Grove. Coach Sharman took the time to break down Alterique as a player and talk a little about his vast amount of schools recruiting him and one visit that Alterique made recently.

Profile - Alterique Gilbert


When you talk about Georgia High School basketball, Coach Sharman White’s Miller Grove program is one of the first schools that come to mind. We talked to Coach White about his nationally ranked point guard Alterique Gilbert.

Coach White spoke about Gilbert in glowing terms. "He is a phenomenal player.” White described Gilbert as a student of the game. “He has a feel for the game and makes his teammates better with his distribution of the ball.”

Gilbert also has a knack for putting his teammates in the right place with his style of play. “He shoots really well and is a good ball handler.” Defense is another phase of the game where Alterique excels. “I think he is the complete player but he can get better. I’m saying that as a compliment."

The capability of putting his team on his back is another strong point of Alterique’s game. “He is a team player but he can take over a game when needed and carry them to a title. He's that talented."

Alterique recently visited Georgia Tech. "He told me it was a very good visit.” Gilbert talked with all the coaches, especially Coach Brian Gregory. “He watched them practice and said he liked what he saw.” Gilbert was also impressed with both the facilities and the arena at Tech. “He said Georgia Tech would be a team that will continue to be in his recruiting picture."

Gilbert has too many schools recruiting him to name them all. Schools from the ACC, AAC, SEC, and BIG 10 are recruiting Alterique hard. “The ACC schools are the ones that are talking to Alterique the most."

Will Alterique stay in-state or leave the state when it comes time to make his decision? Even though he doesn’t want to speak for Gilbert, Coach White feels that Gilbert would love to stay in-state. “That possibility to me is pretty high." Top Stories