Quaide Weimerskirch Makes A Change To GT

Quaide Weimerskirch has put up some impressive numbers the past three years at Pace High School in Florida. Those numbers finally paid off with an offer from a school he has longed to attend, Georgia Tech. The Georgia Tech staff offered on Thursday and Quaide made it official on Saturday after calling the coaches at Louisiana-Lafayette.

Profile - Quaide Weimerskirch

Pace High School (FL)running back Quaide Weimerskirch had committed to Louisiana-Lafayette earlier this year. Saturday Quaide changed his commit to Georgia Tech with a call to Coach Paul Johnson.

Quaide called Georgia Tech Coach Johnson to give him the good news shortly after receiving an offer from Tech. “This was something I really wanted to happen.”

Coach Bryan Cook and Coach Preston Pehrson had stayed in contact with Quaide since early spring. The coaches let Weimerskirch know that they were going to take one more B Back in addition to commit Mikell Lands-Davis.

Coach Johnson talked to Quaide last Tuesday. Quaide was asked if he got an offer would he commit. “I told him I would but I had to let the coaches at Louisiana-Lafayette know what I was doing and I wanted to wait until after my high school game so I could give my teammates a 100% effort.” Quaide received a call Thursday from Coach Cook and he was officially offered. Quaide then set the wheels in motion.

A call was made Friday to the Louisiana-Lafayette coaches and Quaide also met with his parents to talk about the decision. “I called Saturday to make it official. I didn't want to let it out officially until I made all the calls I needed to make and now that I did, I am a commit to Georgia Tech."

Weimerskirch is happy with the decision. “My heart is 100% at Georgia Tech. When I visited the campus, I feel in love with the school, the players and students. They all made me feel like a part of the family." The academics at Georgia Tech played a huge part too, Quaide wants to major in Architecture or Building Construction.

Coach Cook and Coach Johnson were happy with Quaide’s decision. "Coach Cook has compared me to Zach Laskey and I take that as huge compliment.” Weimerskirch has rushed for over 1,400 yards and scored 18 touchdowns in 7 games this season. Georgia tech will be getting a player that fights for the extra yard and never gives up on a play. He calls himself a "down and dirty type player", the one that will give you everything he has.

Look for Quaide to enroll early at Tech. "I am set up to do that and I want to go through spring practice to get a head start on the competition.”

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