Bryan Set to Enroll in January

Franklin County High School (GA) offensive lineman Will Bryan took the next step to enroll at Georgia Tech Thursday. Bryan filled out his paperwork and has been accepted at Georgia Tech.

Profile - Will Bryan

"This an exciting time for me and my family.” Bryan’s decision to enroll early was twofold. Will wanted to get a head start on his college life and he wanted to get a head start on working his way onto the football field. Tech is looking at Bryan as an offensive tackle. Will has worked with Coach Mike Sewak and Coach Bryan Cook on a plan to get on the field as early as possible. “I really appreciate everything they have done for me. I’m anxious to get to Tech and begin my career there.”

Will is looking forward to playing with his brother Justin, a current member of the Tech team. "This is the first time he has played football and he is doing a good job of grasping everything.” Justin has played multiple positions on the Tech scout team this year. Justin has let Will know that the work is hard but that he likes it at Tech.

After being the first commit in the 2015 class, Will has helped bring other recruits into the 2015 class. Will has become good friends with Brad and Scott Morgan. He has also helped with the recruitment of Quaide Weimerskirch. “I think he'll be my roommate as he too will enroll early."

Will has attented all the Tech home games and has watched the away games. “The team is going to a bowl game again and I really loved watching them play against Pittsburgh. The defense stepped up and forced several turnovers and that play by D.J. White was impressive.”

Bryan has played both sides of the ball in his final season at Franklin County. “It has been a tough season. It will be hard to leave my teammates in December.”

Will is looking forward to beginning a new chapter in his life. “I’ll be playing football at Georgia Tech and getting a first class education." Top Stories