Georgia Tech Fits the Mold for Staples

Peachtree Ridge, Georgia running back Malik Staples had to decide between going to the Alabama-Mississippi State game or the Georgia Tech-Clemson game last weekend. Staples made a decision that he was happy about following the visit.

Profile - Malik Staples

Following a Friday night loss in the first round of the state playoffs, the 2016 recruit made the decision to visit Georgia Tech. “The trip was great and we enjoyed every minute of the trip."

Upon arriving on campus, Malik had breakfast and met with Georgia Tech Coach Brad Waggoner. The two talked about the Tech facilities and Malik’s interest in Georgia Tech.

Staples also had a chance to meet some of the other recruits attending the game and watch the players warm up before the game. “The Tech team is close. They were all pumping each other up.”

A decision on which of the running back positions Malik would play has not been made. "That is something we’ll be talking about as I get bigger next year.” Malik feels he can play either the A or B Back position and do well. “If I go to Tech, I'll play wherever they feel it is best for me and the team."

Staples was impressed with the school and the way the team was playing. “They are a school with a great academic reputation.” Malik wants to major in something that is math based and knows he can find that at Tech. Tech is one of the schools that has offered Malik. “They are a school that is way up there for me." Boston College is another school that Staples likes a lot.

A college decision for Malik probably won’t come until his senior year. “I want to get as much film out as I can."

Malik has a good idea of the factors he’ll use in choosing a school. He would like to attend a school close to home, one where he’ll get a great education, and one that has a solid football program.

"I have to say that if I use those factors for choosing a school, Georgia Tech would win out right now.” Staples will have over a year to make that decision but as things stand now Georgia Tech fits the mold. Top Stories