Ratliffe Gets Good News on His Future

Scotland County quarterback Jaylend Ratliffe continues the long road back following his ATV accident. Following his second surgery, Jaylend received the good news that he would be able to play again.

Profile - Jaylend Ratliffe

Jaylend has now started physical therapy as he begins to ready himself for his college career. "A couple of weeks ago they reattached everything and the next few days the doctors worked with me and then finally said I would be cleared to play football again.” As you can imagine, Jaylend was thrilled with the news.

Ratliffe has regained most of his strength on his left side. He still has some weakness in his wrist and left hand. "I will go through physical therapy to strengthen my wrist and hand to what they were before my injury.” Getting a great education at Georgia Tech was never an issue following the accident but Jaylend still had the dream of playing college football. Jaylend will now have that chance. “I've worked hard and have done everything they have asked of me and more.”

Georgia Tech has stuck with Jaylend throughout the entire ordeal. “I want to be able to put on the uniform and play for Coach Johnson."

Jaylend will get a chance to see his future teammates play for the ACC Championship this Saturday. “I got tickets as an early Christmas present and I will be there cheering on my team. I can't wait to see them in person." With Georgia Tech official visits starting in December, Jaylend has not decided on a visit date. “I need to get with the coaches at Georgia Tech and find out what date they feel is best for me and my family to come down."

The upcoming signing day is a day that Jaylend has circled on his calendar. "I can't tell you how much I want that day to get here.” That day will mean Ratliffe will achieve his dream of becoming a Yellow Jacket. “I want to be a part of that family and I know getting a degree will be something valuable that nobody can take away from me."

Jaylend is also ready to begin his college life. “That has been on my mind a lot here lately. Ratliffe plans to keep in touch with teammate Jonathan Smith once he gets to Tech. “Hopefully I'll get him to come to Georgia Tech and we can be teammates again."

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