Howell looking forward to next chapter

Wheeler (GA) receiver Harland Howell is all set to enroll early at Georgia Tech. Howell took the next step to enrolling in January by taking his official visit to Tech over the weekend.

Profile - Harland Howell

Howell made the trip with his dad and described the trip as being great. They both enjoyed every minute of the visit. “It was great knowing he’s so proud of me and happy for my accomplishments both on the field and in the classroom."

The visit for Howell started with a tour of the campus. He then met with the academic people and registered for his classes. The coaches also talked to Harland about what to expect when he arrives at Tech. “I'm not nervous at all. I’m looking forward to this next chapter in my life."

Harland feels that Tech is a perfect fit. Getting to go to school in the city, the campus, and the coaches are some of the reasons why he chose Tech., Georgia Tech A Back Charles Perkins hosted Howell on his visit. Harland felt that was the perfect choice to host him. Perkins recently graduated with a degree in business administration which will be Howell’s major. Perkins gave Harland some tips on the road ahead.

Perkins let Harland know that it was worth everything he went through to play for Coach Paul Johnson and getting a degree. “He said this team was so much different than any team he had been on. I can't wait to be a part of that." Howell also spent some time with fellow early enrollee Kyle Henderson. The two recruits spent time talking about their future. Both are looking forward to continuing the success that this year’s team started.

Requesting a uniform number was also a part of the visit. "I told them I wanted to have either #1, #2, or #21.” Those are Harland’s personal favorites.

Howell is glad that he done with recruiting. "It was fun when it first started out but it was getting stressful." Top Stories