Stewart Commits to Georgia Tech

Brad Stewart has been the subject of a lot of discussion lately among Georgia Tech fans - holding a variety walk-on/grayshirt offers and options from Coach Paul Johnson. He had been considering whether or not to take one of those offers.

Profile - Brad Stewart

Stewart had been previously told he was next in line for a scholarship (behind some other outstanding offers). But, if it didn't work out in the short term, he was told that he could walk-on and he would get a scholarship in January 2016. His other option was to defer his enrollment until January and get a scholarship then.

Today, however, that all changed. With an opening that is believed to have come from Jaylend Ratliffe's decision to delay enrollment 1 semester to further recover from an ATV accident, Coach Paul Johnson held true to his word and offered Stewart a full scholarship - no grayshirt, no walk-on status. Stewart wasted very little time in accepting that offer and is expected to sign a Letter of Intent tomorrow on National Signing Day with the other members of the 2015 Georgia Tech recruiting class. Top Stories