All-Star candidate and active leader in career tackles, Recardo Wimbush had a lot to say about how he felt the team played last week. He gave insight on the Offense, Defense, and The Citadel.



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Question: There was a lot of talk after the game about the offense playing conservative. Was the defense keeping it vanilla as well?

Recardo Wimbush: "Yes, we didn't put out too much for them, we just went out and played hard nose defense. But we had all our packages in because we prepared for them just like we do for Florida State, Georgia, or anybody else."

Question: How do you feel playing on a defense which came under a lot of fire your freshman year, to being a big part of the reason the team wins now?

Recardo Wimbush: "When I came my freshman year the defense was very difficult to learn, and people (the players)  didn't know what they had to do and what other people had to do. But now it's very easy for us to step up and the offense is going to come along. They did a great job on Sunday if you ask me, they made the right plays at the right time and they will come along."

Question: Recardo, how hard does Joe Burns run?

Recardo Wimbush: "Joe runs full speed all the time. He's probably the best running back as far as speed and power."

Question: How fast is Kelly Campbell?

Recardo Wimbush: "He's probably as fast as lightning I guess."

Question: Is there anybody on the team faster than him?

Recardo Wimbush: "I don't think so. The guy from Syracuse had the jump on Kelly. If not Kelly would have burnt him like everybody else."

Question: How are you guys preparing for The Citadel?

Recardo Wimbush: " Well, we don't know much about them because they have a new coach coming in. But he's been around and we're going to look at things he did at other schools to prepare for them."

Question: At any point in the game Sunday did you think to yourself we're winning this game because the defense is shutting them down?

Recardo Wimbush: "I thought about that; we looked real good on defense and we practiced really hard as well. Hopefully, we'll continue to keep it up all season."

Question: How do you feel about playing The Citadel which is a Division 1-AA program?

Recardo Wimbush: " I look at all teams the same; any one can beat you on any given Saturday or Sunday."

Question: Going into each game do you have a goal set for yourself?

Recardo Wimbush: " I have a team goal, and that's to go out and win every game and play like it's the last game you'll ever play." 

Question: How do you feel about winning on Sunday and then dropping in the polls?

Recardo Wimbush: " I can't worry about that; we just have to play hard and win every game and the polls will take care of themselves."

Question: Last week there was a lot of talk about Florida State being a distraction. Do you feel that they are?

Recardo Wimbush: " Well, Florida State is going to always be on your mind as I see it; they're the best team in the conference and they have been for the last 9 to 10 years. But we've put them on the back burner for now and we're concentrating on The Citadel this week and Navy next week." Top Stories