Bobinski: State Of GT Athletics Part 3 recently had the opportunity to interview Georgia Tech Athletic Director Mike Bobinski. In January 2013, Bobinski succeeded Dan Radakovich and took over the job of athletic director at Georgia Tech after serving as athletic director at Xavier for 12 years. Today, we bring you part 3 of that conversation with the focus of this conversation on ticket sales.

Before the 2014 football season, Georgia Tech athletic director Mike Bobinski felt that a strong 2015 home schedule would be a factor that would lead to increased ticket sales. But, they also had good feelings about the 2014 team. “We felt our team would be really good and as the year played out, it was terrific and positive.”

When asked if this should be the one year of any (due to the home schedule) that Tech sells tickets, Bobinski responded that having revenue is important and having a great home field environment is important. But, Mike feels that putting another good team on the field is more important than either of those. In referring to fans who would buy season tickets solely due to the schedule following what happened in 2014, “Why that would be the topic moving forward I have no idea.“

Having an 11 win season and finishing in the top ten in the polls gives Bobinski and Georgia Tech a chance to change the conversation when it comes to ticket sales to focus on the state of the program. “If you’re in the top ten nationally, you’re in pretty good territory as far as I’m concerned. “ One of the great positives coming out of last year is that Tech no longer have to apologize or rationalize.

The 2015 season also looks to be a good one for Coach Paul Johnson and his team. Tech has lost some good players but they have a lot of good players returning and there are some new players waiting in the wings. “We’re going to be a very successful team to watch.” Bobinski likes the combination of things to offer and feels that the early signs are positive.

Georgia Tech ticket sales are now pacing ahead of prior years. “We have a long way to go before we start and there are still a lot of seats to sell but I like that there is a positive vibe and buzz around the program that may not have existed before.” Georgia Tech now has a great platform to sell and build from and build on the success from last year.

The price of individual tickets will remain the same for the 2015 season from 2014. But, the cost of the season ticket has gone up with the addition of one extra home game in 2015. “The individual prices weren’t raised because we didn’t want to give the fans a double whammy.” Bobinski knows that intelligent and appropriate ticket price increases are important to keeping Tech afloat. “We don’t want to be unreasonable.”

In spite of the game results in the 2014/2015 basketball season, ticket sales have been pretty good. “The way the season has played out has not been a good environment for ticket sales but it hasn’t been a bad experience.”

Tech has also tried something different with season ticket sales. Prior to this basketball season, they offered hoops season ticket holders a new option. “We offered them a two year option. It will give people a chance to lock in pricing.” Bobinski is also considering the same option for football season ticket holders. Top Stories