Bobinski: State Of GT Athletics Part 6 recently had the opportunity to interview Georgia Tech Athletic Director Mike Bobinski. In January 2013, Bobinski succeeded Dan Radakovich and took over the job of athletic director at Georgia Tech after serving as athletic director at Xavier for 12 years. Today, we bring you the final part of that conversation with a focus on the basketball program.

This season’s results are not what athletic director Mike Bobinski was looking for in the won-loss columns. In spite of that, Bobinski is not ready to tip his hand one way or the other. “We continue to see a bunch of players and coaches working their butts off trying to get something positive done.” Bobinski knows that it’s been a struggle and he and the coaches are continuing to look for ways to break through and have some positive results. The suspension of Chris Bolden and the injuries to Marcus Georges-Hunt and Quinten Stephens have made that even more difficult.

The obvious thing is what changes they can make going forward. “Brian and I will have those discussions at the appropriate time.” Bobinski knows that when they’re in the circumstances that they’re in now, everything is fair game. “Clearly the results are not what we want them to be.” Bobinski plans to take some things apart and figure it out. “It’s not a complete disaster but the results are not positive.” Learning how to close games is one subject that will be discussed. “Nobody will say it but closing games has become a mental block.”

Looking back at where the team was a year ago, Bobinski sees progress and he has noticed that they are doing things better. “Last year we were good for 30 minutes. This year we’ve been good for 35-38 minutes. We have to find a way to finish. Close doesn’t count.”

Prior to the season Coaches Tom Herrion and Momadou N’Diaye were added to the coaching staff. Bobinski feels that each coach has strengths in specific areas. “It will take time to see the results of those recruiting strengths.

At the present time, Tech only has one available scholarship and Bobinski doesn’t anticipate any transfers at this time but realizes that that is always subject to change. “Transfers happened last year that I wouldn’t have anticipated.”

How will Bobinski approach the Brian Gregory situation? The two of them will have a conversation at the end of the season. “Nobody is more frustrated than the people that work it every day. The best thing I can do at this time is to be supportive.”

On the positive side, Bobinski feels that Coach Gregory has done a tremendous job of restoring stability and a solid foundation. He also feels the cultural environment and academics are in a good place. “Brian has been a great citizen in the Georgia Tech community.”

The last piece of the puzzle for the basketball program is finding a satisfactory level of success. “That is not a secret and it’s not lost on Brian.” Top Stories