Sermon Picks Up Unexpected Offer

Sprayberry High School (GA) running back Trey Sermon is just completing his sophomore year but the offers are already coming in from around the country. Sermon will be one of the most sought after backs in the country. Monday he picked up an offer from one of the in-state schools.

Trey Sermon

Sermon is happy with the way things have been going with his recruitment. “I set some goals for myself and as each week passes, it seems I’m hitting those goals or getting closer to reaching them.”

Getting five offers before the summer was one of Trey’s goals. He hit that goal with the latest offers from Georgia Tech and Michigan State. Another of his goals is to be one of the top prospects at his position and in his class. “Hopefully if I can continue to improve each year, I will reach that goal. Trey received the Georgia Tech offer from Coach Andy McCollum. “I can tell you it caught me by surprise.” Sermon likes that Tech has excellent academics and has a football program that is on the rise.

Coach McCollum let Trey know that the entire staff thought he was a great player. The 6’1”-203 Sermon has been invited to visit in the spring so that they can get to know each other better.

Sermon plans to take that visit. Trey plans to visit during his spring break. “I want to go when I have time to make it a good visit and not just a quick one."

Georgia Tech will be one of the schools that will continue to be in the picture with Trey. Auburn is another school that will get a visit from Sermon. Georgia and South Carolina are the two schools that Sermon feels have been recruiting him the hardest but he knows that can change. “I wasn't expecting an offer from Georgia Tech so who knows which teams will start recruiting me harder.” Top Stories