No change in top three for DeFoor

Calhoun offensive lineman Jack DeFoor made his second visit this spring to Georgia Tech to watch their spring game. The 2016 recruit’s top three remains the same as he moves closer to making a difficult decision on his college choice.

Profile - Jack DeFoor

DeFoor’s focus at the spring game was on the Tech offensive line. “The offense had a good showing and I liked what I saw from the line play and the coaching staff during the game.” Jack was glad that he made the visit to the game.

Georgia Tech Coach Paul Johnson met with Jack before the game. “Even though he was getting ready for the game, he went out of his way to come and say hi and he welcomed me to Tech.” DeFoor also met with Coach Johnson in his office.

Following the game, Jack met with Coach Andy McCollum and Coach Mike Sewak. Coach Sewak let Jack know that he would be coming to his spring practice. “The staff at Georgia Tech really makes me feel welcome when I’m there. That means a lot to me.”

DeFoor continues to have Georgia Tech, Clemson, and Ole Miss as his top three. Jack is not ready to name one of them as his leader. “One day I feel Georgia Tech is my school. The next day it could be Clemson and then a few days later Ole Miss.”

Each school has one or more things that stand out to Jack. “Georgia Tech has a great life after football going for them. Clemson has a great game day atmosphere and Ole Miss has a beautiful campus and feel to it.”

Jack plans to visit each school this summer. He wants to see how he feels when he makes those visits. “In the end, it will come down to which school I really feel the most comfortable with and which school has that family atmosphere feeling to it.” Top Stories