Harris visited three; two remaining

Since announcing his decision to transfer from Providence, 6’9” Tyler Harris and his dad have been visiting schools where Tyler could possibly play his final year of eligibility. Harris has taken three official visits and plans to take the final two before reaching a decision.

Profile - Tyler Harris

GoJackets.com talked to Tyler’s dad about the visits they’ve taken and the looming decision. “We visited Georgia Tech and Iowa State last week and this weekend we visited Auburn.”

Mr. Harris described Iowa State as a great school. "Tyler can fit in with their program and show that he can carry a team to the NCAA's.” Tyler would like to he help them return to the tournament this coming season. “We liked what we saw.”

Tyler and his dad like the basketball tradition and academic reputation of Georgia Tech. “Their facilities are extremely good to great.” Coach Brian Gregory feels Tyler could showcase his talents and help the team get to the tournament. “Tyler would love to help Tech return to the play they are accustomed to seeing. I’d be remiss if I didn’t say how beautiful Atlanta and the people around there are.”

Tyler and his dad have two more visits to take before they reach a decision. “They will come from either Nebraska, Oklahoma State, or Virginia Commonwealth.” They plan to make that decision two days before or two days after his graduation from Providence on the 17th.

When it comes time to make that decision, Tyler will be looking at which school he can help turn their program around be an impact player. “Tyler has done a lot and can lend experience to younger players and help the older players with leadership.” Harris will also be looking at how well he gets along with the players and how comfortable he feels at each school.

Between now and his decision date, Tyler will be getting his degree from Providence. “I’m proud that Tyler is getting his degree and he’ll still have eligibility left to go and get his grad degree. That shows me he has his head on right and God has blessed him with making the right decisions in his life."

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