Finley planning summer visit to Georgia Tech

Niceville, Florida safety Romeo Finley has been receiving interest from schools since his freshman year. That interest hasn’t let up as he readies for his senior season. Romeo is looking for the right balance of football and academics as he moves closer to making his college choice.

Profile - Romeo Finley

A new school has entered the picture for Romeo. Finley received an offer from Georgia Tech Coach Ray Rychleski. “He told my coach that he is anxious to get me and my family up to Atlanta to show us what Georgia Tech has to offer.”

“I most certainly will get up there.” Romeo feels that he and his family will most likely visit in June or July. The Finley family will be looking for a date where they’ll have time to see as much as possible.

The offer didn’t come as a surprise to Romeo. "To be honest, this was an offer I have been waiting for and for many reasons.” Finley has watched Coach Ted Roof’s defense and noticed that they have really improved. “The whole program is pushing upwards and making waves in the college football world.”

Tech’s location is also something that stands out to Romeo. “I like Atlanta and of all the schools that have offered, Tech is centrally located the best for me."

Finley will listen to advice from his parents when making his decision but he will be the one making the decision. Romeo plans to make that decision before he returns for his senior year. “My decision will be final unless the coaches get fired or something like that."

Romeo’s family places a huge priority on academics. That will be one of the main factors in making his decision. Being comfortable with the coaching staff and finding a family feel, will also enter into Romeo’s decision. Top Stories