Herard has come a long way

Plano, Texas and Pro Skills center Schnider Herard has been making a name for himself since he’s begun playing basketball and moved to the States from Haiti. We talked to his guardian Derrick Shelby to catch up on Schnider’s recruitment.

Profile - Schnider Herard

Derrick is more than happy with the progress of Schnider’s recruitment. Herard has accumulated numerous offers from the Big 12, Big 10 and the ACC is now starting to recruit Herard. “I know he has come a long way since he’s moved here from Haiti.”

When Schnider first moved to the States, he had to deal with the language barrier. ”He had to learn who was looking out for him and who he could trust.” Schnider was a soccer player who started playing basketball and learned he was good at it. He has since learned to speak English.

Herard is a true center who excels at playing with his back to the basket. In the 2 ½ years that he’s been playing, he’s also become a good passer. “One thing that he has is phenomenal footwork for a big man.” Most teams have now found that they need to double team Herard.

Shelby loves everything about Schnider. “He’s a quiet one but a great kid.” Shelby feels fortunate to have the chance to be his guardian.

One of the teams showing interest in Herard is Georgia Tech. There is mutual interest between the two parties. "Schnider really relates well to the staff at Georgia Tech.” A positive for Tech is Schnider having former Tech player Chris Bosh as his favorite NBA player.

The plan for Herard is to begin scheduling homes visits, official visits, and unofficial visits. “We’ll discuss everything we learn and go from there.” The school that Schnider and Derrick feel is the best is the one they’ll choose.

Schnider is in no hurry to make a decision. Schnider plans to be thorough in deciding which school to choose. “He knows what he’s doing and we are giving him advice and helping him with all the calls as we can. We definitely have his best interests at heart as will the school he picks."

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