Mills swollen with pride

Ware County, Georgia athlete Dedric Mills made the trip from Waycross to Atlanta Wednesday to visit Georgia Tech. The purpose of the visit was for his family to see Georgia Tech and to meet the coaches. The visit ended in commit number four for Tech.

Profile - Dedric Mills

His family wanted to see what he had been talking about for weeks. “My mother, granddaddy, godfather, and grandmother all made the trip with me.” Mills and his family were greeted by Coach Mike Sewak with a big grin. Dedric had a feeling that coach Sewak knew the same thing Dedric did about why he made this trip.

The visit started with a look at the academic side of things and his mom fell in love with what she saw. “She said I’d be something when I leave Tech.” The family also got to see the facilities, the stadium, and just about as much as they could see.

Following the tour, they met with Coach Paul Johnson with Johnson starting to talk about what Georgia Tech could do for Dedric and what plans he has for players close to graduating. Before Johnson could get into his presentation, Mills couldn’t keep it in any longer and he told Coach Johnson that he was committing and he wanted to make it official. Coach Johnson jumped up nearly knocking over over his chair and then said jokingly, "Dedric, what took you so long to decide?

It was an emotional moment for his mom who was moved to tears. The next thing you knew was the door flew open with Coach Sewak saying, "I knew it, I knew it, you committed to Georgia Tech." Coach Johnson asked Coach Sewak if he’d been listening at the door. “We all laughed at that.”

Mills said it was easy to see that this was a close knit group. “I’m glad I’m coming to a team like this.”

Before making his decision, Mills was looking at Arkansas, South Carolina, and Florida State. “None of them had everything that Tech had. It made it an easy decision.”

After making his decision, Mills received a call from Tech players Lance and Lawrence Austin welcoming him to the team. “This team is tight and close. I love it.”

Now that he’s made his decision, Mills feels happy and relieved. “I feel swollen with pride knowing that I will be getting an education from Georgia Tech’s Business School.

For those that worry about recruits changing their minds, put Dedric in the rock solid department for Georgia Tech. "If a school calls me, I will cut them off and say no thank you, I found my home, I'm happy to be at Georgia Tech and I will be trying to get other players to come in with me. I will not change my mind at all about coming to Georgia Tech, it's a perfect fit for and my family and we are ecstatic abut my decision." Top Stories