Summer decision expected for Kearns

Darlington High School (GA) offensive lineman Patrick Kearns has been busy attending camps and visiting schools as he moves closer to making his college decision. Friday Patrick and his parents made another of those visits to a school of interest.

Profile - Patrick Kearns

The visit Friday was to in-state school Georgia Tech. “I’ve been to the other schools with my parents and I wanted them to see Georgia Tech.” Patrick had told his parents about the things he liked when he visited earlier. They too liked those same things on this visit. “I will rely heavily on their advice but they want the decision to be mine."

The campus, the prestigious degree, and the facilities were among the things that impressed them. “We also like the coaching staff and the impact Chaplain (Derek) Moore has on the program.”

The visit elevated Tech in their eyes. “The fact that my parents felt great about the school was important to me.” Virginia Tech, North Carolina State, and Syracuse are other schools that have made an impression on Patrick and his parents.

The visits are not over for Patrick. “I hope to make several more including a return visit to Georgia Tech.”

Patrick broke down the positives he’s seen from two of those four schools. Georgia Tech – “They have a beautiful campus and a great academic standing. I didn’t realize have valuable a Tech degree would be for me. They are a winning team with great coaches.”

Virginia Tech – “Their offensive line coach is a great guy. Coach (Frank) Beamer like Coach (Paul) Johnson is a great coach.”

Patrick knows that the decision will not be an easy one. “The worst part about it is having to call coaches at the schools I don't pick.” Patrick knows that his decision will make him and the school he chooses happy. “That will make the calls a little easier.”

A school decision for Patrick should take place before he goes back to school. “I could wake up one morning next week and know which school I want to attend.” Top Stories