Decision not final yet for Tillman

Last November Dothan, Alabama recruit Caleb Tillman gave his verbal commit to Mississippi State. Since then, Caleb has kept his options open. Tillman is still committed to Mississippi State but he has been visiting other schools to make sure he made the right decision.

Profile - Caleb Tillman

Tillman committed to Mississippi State following one of his first recruiting visits. He then took some other visits and decided that getting a chance to make comparisons with Mississippi State was best for him. “I just want to be sure when I do make my final decision.”

Georgia Tech, North Carolina, Louisville are a few of the other schools that have opened Caleb’s eyes. Tillman has visited or plans to visit all of them. Caleb currently has 15 offers. “I know which schools I want to visit and which schools I will thank for the offer but won’t be visiting.”

Georgia Tech is one of the schools that has received a visit from Tillman. “I became friends with Tech player KeShun Freeman. He is a real good guy and has kept it real for me about Georgia Tech.”

Caleb has also built a relationship with Coach Mike Pelton and Coach Ted Roof. “Both coaches really made me feel at home when I was there.”

Additional visits are also planned to Ole Miss and North Carolina. Caleb was unable to make it to North Carolina’s recruiting night and will try to visit later in the summer.

Most of the schools recruiting Caleb see him putting on additional weight that would allow him to move inside on the defensive line. “I know I’m listed as a defensive end but I feel I’m athletic and quick enough to handle my man at the three technique.” Caleb could also line up at defensive end in the 3-4.

A decision date for Caleb is still up in the air. “If I stay committed to Mississippi State, I'll most likely know before my senior year starts.” Caleb plans to visit Georgia Tech two or three times this season. He’s anxious to see the campus, fans, and team on game day. “Tech is in my top two and no worse than the top three right now.”

When that decision day comes, Caleb will be looking for the school where he feels most comfortable. Top Stories