Harden planning visits to Tech, Auburn

Sandy Creek High School (GA) has long been a destination for college football coaches looking for football talent. Sandy Creek will now be a destination for college basketball coaches looking to evaluate shooting guard Elias Harden.

Profile - Elias Harden

Now that school is out, Harden has been spending his free time hitting the basketball court and calling coaches to talk recruiting. “It gets to be a bear at times but I know I have to go through it to get to the right college.”

When coaches were allowed to contact 2017 recruits, Georgia Tech, Auburn, and Winthrop were the first schools to contact and offer Harden. Tech Coach Chad Dollar extended the offer to Elias. “He liked that I created my own shot and got my teammates involved in the offense.”

Tech Coach Brian Gregory has also spoken to Elias. “He wanted to let me know that he backs up everything Coach Dollar told me.” Tech plans to keep a close eye on Harden over the next two years.

Harden and his teammates recently attend the Georgia Tech team camp. Elias got to play in McCamish Pavilion. “McCamish is a first class arena. I also looked around the campus and liked what I saw.”

Elias also likes that Tech is close to home and they help their players to succeed in the classroom. “I know Georgia Tech will be there throughout my recruitment.”

A visit to Auburn is also something Elias plans to do. “I plan on visiting them, just like I will Tech, once the AAU season is over in July.”

In the meantime, Harden has his high school and AAU coaches keeping him up to date on the schools that are recruiting him. “I'll be able to rattle off names once I start giving the recruiting process more of my attention.”

A college decision is still in the future for Elias. He plans on taking a more hands on approach once he gets closer to making that decision. “This is very important to me and I want to do it the right way.”

Harden will be looking for schools that put players in the NBA, a valuable degree, and the relationship he has with the coaches. “I'd like a school where I fit in with the players and the regular students."

Elias will continue to work on improving all facets of his game. “I want to be known as a scorer and a high percentage shooter heading into my freshman year.”

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