McEwen being patient

Canadian point guard Koby McEwen has completed his junior year at Wasatch Academy in Utah. The 2016 recruit now has eight offers with the latest coming from an ACC school that is getting his attention.

Profile - Koby McEwen

The latest offer for Koby comes from Georgia Tech. McEwen received a call from Coach Brian Gregory and Coach Tom Herrion extending him an offer. “I loved talking with Coach Gregory and Coach Herrion. Both are easy to talk to and they both want me to come there.”

The Tech coaches think that McEwen can be an impact player. “They love the fact that I can score, play defense, and I’m a leader.” With his ball handling skills, the Tech coaches feel that Koby could play major minutes as a freshmen.

Koby likes the idea of possibly playing in the ACC. “Coach Gregory is making strides to get the team back to where they want to be and that is important to me."

In addition to the recent offer from Tech, Koby has also received offers from schools in the SEC, Big12, as well as another ACC school.

Koby is wide open and has no favorites. “I want to be patient in making my decision so I will be making the right choice for myself.” McEwen is not sure whether he’ll sign in the early or late signing period.

Koby will be taking visits when his dad is free to accompany him. His dad lives in Canada. “I know that Coach Gregory and Coach Herrion has asked me and my dad to schedule a visit. We will do that but I don't know when that will be.”

On their visits, Koby and his dad will be looking for a coaching staff that gets the best out of him as well as helping him get to the next level. The conference affiliate could also be a factor for Koby. “The conference will not carry as much weight as the other factors but it may end up being a tiebreaker.”

In the meantime, Koby will be looking to improve the mental part of his game. "I want to learn from the mistakes but at the same time put them away and not let them affect the rest of my game." Top Stories