Johnson found his home

Many assumed that Jacksonville Ed White offensive lineman Jordan Johnson would follow his older brother Kaleb to Rutgers. Wednesday morning Jordan dispelled those rumors when he called Georgia Tech to give them his verbal commit.

Profile - Jordan Johnson

Jordan called Georgia Tech Coach Lamar Owens to tell him that he was committing. The news was what Coach Owens was hoping to hear. “He kept telling me how excited he was and how I made his day.”

Coach Owens then let Jordan give Coach Paul Johnson the good news. "He said that he felt I was a perfect fit as a student-athlete at Georgia Tech.” Coach Johnson let Jordan know that they wouldn’t recruit any more players at his position. “He said that he will keep his word to me and that he wanted me to not visit any other schools. I told him that was not a problem. I found my home at Georgia Tech.”

The coaches and Jordan didn’t discuss where he would play but that has been discussed in the past. “From what they had said in the past, I’m guessing guard.” The 6’3”-270 recruit plays guard for Ed White.

Johnson hopes to major in computer engineering or computer science. He feels that Tech has the best computer degree in the country. “That was a big reason I chose Georgia Tech."

The proximity of Tech to Jacksonville was another reason Jordan chose Tech. “My family can make the trip to Atlanta, without any problem, to see me play.” Jordan also likes that Tech has quite a few players from the Jacksonville area.

When asked about the rumors that he was headed to Rutgers because of his brother, Jordan said he didn’t know where those rumors started. “I talked to my brother and he told me that this was a decision I had to make for myself.” Now that he has committed to Tech, Jordan plans to visit in a few weeks with two of his teammates. "I have only one school to visit and that is to Georgia Tech.” Jordan will also come up for some games during the season as well as his official visit.

With the news that he’ll be attending Tech, Jordan feels good that he is going to a great school and a great football program. “I’m excited about my future.” Top Stories