Kearns firm on final four

Darlington High School, Georgia offensive lineman Patrick Kearns is getting ready to make his final unofficial visit of the summer. The visit to Kentucky was delayed after Patrick suffered a foot injury. After the visit, Patrick will be weighing the pros and cons of his final four schools.

Profile - Patrick Kearns

The injury to Kearns will cause him to miss the first three games of his senior season. “They placed a pin in my foot and I’ll be out for about eight weeks.” The four schools on Patrick’s final list are still on board with him despite the injury. The doctors are saying that Patrick will return to where he was prior to the injury.

The final four schools on Patrick’s list are Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, North Carolina State, and Kentucky. Patrick and his family will leave for Kentucky Thursday and visit the school Friday.  


Even though Kentucky will be his final visit, Patrick doesn’t feel that they will have an advantage. “I will be comparing each school. If Kentucky would have been the first school I visited, they would have had as much a chance as they do now.”

An end of July decision is still the plan for Kearns. If that doesn’t happen, he still hopes to make the decision before his return to school on August 20. “I have promised myself that I will have it done and out of the way before my season starts.” Once he makes his decision, Patrick plans to make additional visits, to the school he selects, for some of their home games. Those will be the only visits he will take prior to signing his letter of intent.

Patrick has been firm with his list of top four schools and has not considered dropping any of the schools from his list. Could location enter into Patrick’s decision? “My parents kind of favor Georgia Tech. They love Coach (Paul) Johnson and it’s close to home for them.” Patrick likes the idea of being able to come home when he wants to visit his family. “This will not put Tech out front. I have to make a decision based on what I feel is best for me.” Top Stories